Monday, March 23, 2009

The State of Newspapers

Found this article on Newspapers, who weren't doing well when the economy was holding steady, are folding left and right. The most disturbing statistic from the article: Over 120 papers have folded since January 2008, resulting in a loss of over 21,000 jobs.

This issue raises serious questions about the role of media in our current and future society.

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LV Rainmakers said...

I worry about the newspaper industry. Today's news that the express times is telling its employees to take a week without pay is concerning.
I look at the chamber newsletters, as a document that could easily be incorporated into the newspaper in a strategic partnership, where all chamber members receive a subscription to the paper, similar to the Lehigh Valley Style subscription. I also wonder why the newspaper continues to list housing listings in its sunday paper by agency and not location? The challenge for the papers is to figure out who their customer is? They thought the advertiser had the big stick, but without readers, the end user, there is no reason to advertise.