Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily Briefing, 4/27/2009

Good morning everyone! Here is today's Daily Briefing.

A fire in Bethlehem yesterday destroyed four homes after a propane tank from a grill exploded.

The swine flew epidemic has now reached the U.S., Mexico, Spain and Canada and governments around the world are trying to limit its reach. Meanwhile, a new report by the World Bank has noted that poor countries are in more danger than more developed countries and could face major humanitarian and economic difficulties. That being said, Larry Summers (economic adviser to President Obama) says that the "unremitting freefall" of the economy has ended. Also, Chrysler and the UAW have negotiated modifications to their collective bargaining agreement, without with Chrysler would have had to declare bankruptcy.

Business Matters airs today, and the topic is a good one - an interview with all four Lehigh Valley Senators. Check out the Business Matters blog for more information.

And, of congrats, congrats to Phillipsburg, who beat Easton 27-12 in the 1993 replay game that was held yesterday. This was a great event for both cities - really everyone won.

And that's all that we have today! Have a great day and we'll see you later.

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