Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zip Code Survey

The Borough Business Revitalization Program is a regional Main Street Program that is run through The Chamber. Its mission is to revitalize the urban cores of the eight participating Borough's: Alburtis, Bangor, Bath, Catasauqua, Coopersburg, Hellertown, Macungie and Wilson. One of the main things that the BBRP does is work to enhance economic development by assisting already existing businesses and recruiting new ones.

To that end, the BBRP conducted a Zip Code Survey within each community. What we did was ask local merchants to track the zip codes of anyone who made a purchase at their establishment. We merged all the data (within each community only) and gave it to the Pennsylvania Downtown Center. The PDC then put the information into a series of databases for us, which we turned into a report. The report had the trade area of each community, as well as the demographics of each community and what the customers are looking for. It has a MASS of data that really can be very helpful to anyone who owns a business in the area, or anyone who is looking to start a business in this area.

This is a great tool and a way that Main Street/Elm Street and economic development programs can really assist small businesses.

For more information on the results from Alburtis, Coopersburg, Hellertown and Macungie, contact Mike Schlossberg ( For Bath, Bangor, Catasauqua and Wilson, contact Sharon Davis (

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