Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi everyone,

In my capacity as Borough Business Revitalization Coordinator for The Chamber, I came across this website - EBizITPA. From their mission statement:

Assists Pennsylvania businesses and organizations with understanding, using and developing information technologies to grow the economy by:

* Providing resources to enable company formation and growth
* Developing technology talent and expertise
* Facilitating collaborative efforts to stimulate innovation

There are two things in particular that may be useful for Small Businesses. First, EBizITPA runs a reimbursable grant program designed to assist Small Businesses in being able to move forward on IT/technology related projects. The program is closed until August 1, but you can sign up for updates - I certainly did. Second, EBizITPA runs a series of training programs about a variety of topics, including E-mail marketing, starting an online store and Search Engine Optimization. These are incredibly important topics that are becoming even more and more necessary for small businesses to be able to master.

I hope this information is useful!

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