Thursday, June 11, 2009

Internet Users - yes, it's that important

One of the things small businesses are still struggling with, to some extent, is the need to be on the internet and use it properly. Here is some information that will hopefully increase your understanding of its importance. This information comes from an article by Cathy von Birgelen that appeared to us courtesy of EBizITPA.

- 92% of people go online to research information about a product, service, etc. The internet is now the platform of choice for product pre-evaluation.

When it comes to activities that internet users are involved in on at least a weekly basis:
- E-mail: 96%
- Internet surfing without a specific destination: 71%
- Looking for news online: 60%
- Conducting online banking or other financial services: 38%
- Instant messaging: 37%
- Playing online games: 35%
- Searching for humorous content: 25%

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DebbieD said...

Thank you very very useful data!