Friday, June 19, 2009

Small Business Stories - Ritz Life Coaching

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As promised, here is the first in an installment of Small Business Stories. Like I said before, this is just an opportunity for our member businesses to discuss stories that are of interest to them. This comes to us courtesy of Ritz Life Coaching.


Coaching is relatively new on the East Coast so a lot of what I do is educate people about the benefits of coaching. That's why I invite people to come to my educational seminal July 7th.

Human nature is such that when people are facing difficulty they have more incentive to change and step out of their "normal" way of doing things. Many times it is not the change itself that scares people, but their beliefs about making the change. So the change that is taking place in people's life today moves people to call me about coaching.

For clarity, I don't tell people what to do, that's for the consultant. Clients don't analyze their behavior, that's for the psychologist. I don't have answers for the clients because they have their own answers.

What I do, however, is to support my clients individually and in groups to see their creativity and tap into their wisdom in order to create goals that have meaning and relevance to them. I provide tools that assist people in moving past their personal stopping point so they can reach those goals. My training as a coach is to show people how they can change with clarity, focus, and ease. Here is a question for those reading this blog, “Would it be ok if your life got easier?” And might I add, how about having a little fun in the process? Any questions? Give me a call at 610-797-3919. See you on July 7th.

Rachel Sue Ritz, B.A., ACC (Certified by the International Coach Federation)
Ritz Life Coaching

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