Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily Briefing, 8/14/2009

Good morning everyone! Here is today's Daily Briefing.

Congressman Dent joined the town hall scene yesterday by holding one in Kempton. The audience of 250 was apparently mostly in agreement with Congressman Dent's opposition to the President's health care reform proposals. In Allentown, the city will be pursuing federal funding for a program that turns sewage into power for a waste plant. Speaking of environmentally friendly grant applications, Easton has one of their own, as the city will be applying for a $250,000 grant to build a hydro-powered turbine electric generator. In Emmaus, the borough is preparing for its 150th anniversary with three days of festivals. And, just south of us, Bucks County officials have joined Lehigh and Northampton officials in protesting the cost of a special election (to be held September 29) to fill Rob Wonderling's senate seat.

In state-wide news, a political blockbluster - a new Rasmussen poll shows that Pat Toomey has a 13% lead on Arlen Specter in the upcoming 2010 election.

On the national front, President Obama has unveiled a new bank fee structure - asking the larger banks to pay more for oversight while shrinking the fees on smaller banks.

We have one Chamber event today: a ribbon cutting at Abe's Wholesale TR in Allentown.

And we're sure you all heard about this - but apparently Michael Vick is now an Eagle? Who saw that one coming??

Have a great weekend!!

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