Monday, August 10, 2009

Do you Doodle?

We found another website that we thought might make lives a little easier. The website is Doodle. It is free and requires no pre-registration unless you are creating an event or poll. Basically, the website is a way to get a large group's opinions on scheduling options or topic preferences. It allows you to E-mail a large group of people and ask when they want to meet. It also allows you to get their topic preferences (what movie do they want to see, what sort of event are they interested in attending, etc).

From a Chamber point of view, while we wouldn't use something like this to determine the best time to hold one of our major events (probably not the most appropriate use of the website), it can be great for determining more internal meetings, like staff/office meetings. It can also be perfect for determining when to hold smaller meetings.

Anyone here use this site, and has anyone had any real good or bad experiences with it?

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