Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What qualities do employeers look for?

The above question is something that has come up quite a bit lately, particularly as there are now so many unemployed people that are looking for work. What qualities, exactly, are employers looking for our of potential employees?

We took a quick look on the internet and tried to find some answers. One of the first things we found is that many of the skills and qualities can be identified relatively quickly in a job interview. One example is information that we found from a college career center: they listed communication/interpersonal skills, intelligence, enthusiasm, flexibility, leadership, high energy level, maturity and the prerequisite skill as desirous personality traits.

Another website on job searching listed relatively similar skills, albeit in a different order: communication skills, analytical/research skills, computer/technical literacy, flexibility, interpersonal abilities, leadership skills, problem solving/creativity and teamwork were all listed as good work skills. This website took it another step further and listed ten desirous personal values: honesty/integrity, flexibility, reliability, loyalty, positive attitude, professionalism, self-confidence, self-motivated & willingness to learn.

What about you? Is there anything that you look for but haven't found?

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