Thursday, August 27, 2009

Worst Traffic in America?

Your resident blogger recently found himself helplessly stuck in traffic on Route 22, but fear not - I eventually escaped. It was this (most recent) traffic-jam experience that had me thinking about our region and traffic. There's no question that traffic jams have become a way of life in the Lehigh Valley - anyone who has ever been on Route 22 during rush hour can testify to that. But, how does our region rank in terms of traffic when compared to the entire United States?

The answer can be found here. We rank as the 59th worst region for traffic in America, and 16th worst for region's of our size. Ouch. According to the survey, our region loses about 7,571,000 hours stuck in traffic, 4,664,000 gallons of fuel and $154,000,000 in overall costs.

Again - ouch.

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Capri said...

A great reason for local businesses to start getting involved with efforts to improve mass transportation options, whether they be the LANTA route changes and improvements or potential rail development. Even better, employers can locate their offices in cities rather than industrial parks, and encourage employees to live within walking or bicycling distance from work!