Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daily Briefing, 9/16/2009

Good morning everyone! Here is today's Daily Briefing.

In state-wide news, the Morning Call reports that the state's casino operators would be extremely happy if table games were legalized (surprising, we know), as the current legislative budget compromise calls for. The operators say that, in addition to the enhanced revenue, table games would increase attendance and stimulate other areas, like tourism and retail sales. In other news, deliveries for Mack Trucks fell 40% in August when compared to last year.

In state-wide news, Senator Arlen Specter said yesterday that he expects a compromise bill to be pushed in regards to the Employee Free Choice Act - and that he will support that compromise bill. In budget news, no breakthroughs took place yesterday, although Governor Rendell has said that he expects his veto to be overridden. And, in the long-term view - former Senator Rick Santorum is considering running for President in 2012.

There was good economic news yesterday, as retail sales and manufacturing both increased, according to recent reports. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, said that he believed that the recession was "very likely over," although problems remain in areas like the labor market. In political news, the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passed a motion, largely on party lines, that censured Congressman Joe Wilson for his outburst on the floor of the House of Representatives during President Obama's speech to Congress on health care. Speaking of health care, Senator Max Baucus (one of the members of the "gang of six") will release his health care proposal later today - although more conservative than other bills released by other members of Congress, his bill has no Republican co-sponsors.

And, we have one Chamber event today: a joint lunch between the East Penn and Western Lehigh Chambers of Commerce.

That's it! Have a great day.

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