Thursday, September 3, 2009

Facebook quizzes - users beware!

For those of you who have Facebook, you likely know exactly what I am talking about here - you sign into Facebook and see that your newsfeed is clogged with "quiz results." People take quizzes and post the results: "What movie character are you?" or "How well do you know John Doe?" are two examples. These quizzes seem like harmless time-wasters, right?

Wrong. Check out this article in PC World. The summary of the article: if you take the quiz, companies have access to your Facebook profile. They then use that information to have access to your Facebook profile and all of your interests/contact information. If you take these quizzes, there is a pretty good chance that you will be hit with spam and unwanted marketing material.

Social Networking is an amazing tool, but like all great communication methods it has its downsides. Think twice before taking those quizzes!


Venango Area Chamber of Commerce said...

Thanks for this post. Especially for those who are using Facebook for business this is important information to share. While encouraging our members to use Social Media we feel responsible for guiding them. I hope your members are embracing these new tools. Our members are gradually coming on board.

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