Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Monday. Need a laugh?

Well, if you are like the rest of us, you are probably wishing that it was still the weekend.  But, it's Monday morning, so we figured you could use a laugh. 

One of our staff members obtained a list from Lehigh County of all of the registered parties in Lehigh County (just to clarify, this list is public information).  Of course, the vast majority of voters are registered as either Democrats or Republicans.  But, those are not the only fact, there are some very amusing political parties in the county!  We have plenty of registered voters in Lehigh, for example, that are registered members of the following political parties:

  • "Halloween Party"
  • "Go Steelers Party"
  • "Good Neighbor Party"
  • "I Don't Know Party"
  • "Jedi Party" (when they go to vote, do you think the Judge of Elections tells them, "May the force be with you?")
  • "Keg Party"
  • "Interesting Party"
  • "Bull Moose Party" (we thought that disappeared with Teddy Roosevelt?)
  • "Smuck Party" (yes, that is how they spelt it)
  • "S.Q.U.I.D. Party" (uhh...what?)
  • "Wild Party" (probably related to the Keg Party)
  • "Mark is God Party" (well, Mark certainly has a big ego)
  • "Might as Well Party" (might as well what?)
  • "The Party of Jay" 
  • "Pumpkin Party" 
And who says Democracy can't be fun?

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Katie Bee said...

haha! The SQUID Party is from Harry Potter, I think.