Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Race

Much attention has been paid to the upcoming Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race, to take place in 2010. However, not much attention has been given to the election for Lieutenant Governor. Interestingly, in Pennsylvania primary elections, candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor don't run together - they run separately - making it possible that two candidates that don't support each other can wind up on the ticket together.

The is State Senator Joe Scarnati, who became the Lt. Governor after Catherine Baker Knoll, the previous holder of that office, died.

Here is a rundown of the confirmed candidates for Lt. Governor:

- Jonothan Saidel, former Philadelphia City Controller

- Carol Aichele, Chester County Commissioner
- Nick DiFrancesco, Dauphin County Commissioner
- Steve Johnson, Businessman
- Tom Killion, State Representative
- Rick Schenker, former Erie County Executive

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