Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pennsylvania Budget Summary

Hi everyone,

Our intern Kyle was asked to give a summary of the recently passed state budget.  Here are the highlights:

  • The new budget will not increase broad-based taxes, an issue that has separated Democratic and Republican lawmakers.   
  • New revenue will be assessed by instituting an increase of 25 cents per cigarette pack and also small cigars.   
  • Table games will be used to increase revenue as they will be allowed at Pennsylvania’s slot-only casinos. However, the games are not legal right now, but they are currently in the legalization process with the General Assembly.  In order for the casinos to carry table games they will have to pay a $15 million fee. The House wanted a 34 percent tax on table games, but a bill that has passed the Senate would reduce the tax to 14 percent.   
  • Furthermore, the Department of Community and Economic Development had its funding decreased by more than half to $264.8 million. 
You can see the full budget here by clicking on the first link.

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See All Evil said...

We could use a complete, easy-to-read summary of the budget.