Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Picture privacy on Facebook

When it comes to Social Networking, one of the things we hear concerns about most often is the merging of people's personal and professional lives.  The wall that used to separate the two is collapsing, and that is bringing a slew of questions, concerns and problems for individuals who are not used to this change.  Without a doubt, social networking is a huge instigator behind these changes. 

One of the biggest concerns for people, at least when it comes to Facebook, is pictures.  There are plenty of pictures that we are totally comfortable sharing with our friends, but maybe not with our business clients.  Is there anyway to control what gets displayed on your Facebook pictures?  How can you control your Facebook pictures?

First question: can you control what pictures of you are displayed?  The answer, is yes - sort of.  The way that anyone knows you are in a picture is when someone "tags" you in a picture - in other words, when someone notes on a picture that you are in it.  You will always get a notification when you have been tagged - and can always choose to remove that tag. 

When it comes to viewing pictures of you, the default settings are that no one can see your Facebook pictures unless they are your friends.  You can change it so that anyone can see your pictures - and you can also change it so that only certain people can (or can't) see your pictures.  To do so, go to -

- Settings
- Privacy Settings
- Profile

You can then alter your privacy settings under the "Photos Tagged of You" section.

Hopefully this will be helpful information!

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