Thursday, November 12, 2009

Need a document uploaded to the web?

We put this on our Twitter website yesterday but thought it was worth doing a full-blown entry on.  Many small businesses have websites but don't have the capability to upload files from programs like Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, etc., to that website.  This can be a challenge - I know that there are plenty of times that I've wanted to directly upload a form to a website but it hasn't been possible.

Scribd makes that incredibly easy.  Check out the website - what it allows you to do is upload a file that is already on your computer.  The file is uploaded to its own URL, which you can then link to in an E-mail or from a website.  This makes document and file sharing easy, particularly if a file is to big to E-mail or if you just want to E-mail the file to the general public. 

The website also has a social networking component - that is, you can set up a profile and follow users, allowing you to see when people or companies that are interesting to you have uploaded a new document for you to view. 

A useful website, with a social networking component - not a bad combination!!

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