Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guest Blog Entry - Black Forest Deli and the Right Ways to Tweet

Hi everyone - this entry comes to us courtesy of Victoria at the Black Forest Deli.  BFD has had an incredible amount of success using Twitter - and they have some great tips that we can all learn from.  See below:


Right Ways to Tweet

So its 2010 and everyone has joined the social media, well maybe most of us. It is either used for business or a blog page or just for fun but everyone is doing it. I am fairly new at this and joined twitter maybe 5 months ago. I own BlackForest Deli & Catering in Bethlehem (www.bethlehemdeli.com) and have never really been that much involved in marketing or advertising. I think my goal was always to have my food advertise itself as everything we make is made with love. I have been in business for about 7 years and it’s always has been about my customers and what I can do to make them happy. I am all about the customer service and when you step your foot into my place, I want you to feel like you are home. I think in today’s economy you don’t find as much of this because people are hungry for money. When you step your foot into someone business, you are looked upon as a dollar sign and what product can be sold to you. I have never agreed with this idea and I think when people open/start a business, if that is how they think, they won’t be in business for long. Business is all about treating someone as you would want to be treated and caring about people. We as a world lost the meaning of a community and what it means to us. I think twitter brought some of that community back. Things have changed, times have changed but we as a community could still help each other, and it is all about working together.

Twitter is a great way to advertise your business and it doesn’t cost you anything, the only trick is you have to be yourself. You can tell right away when someone is just there to sell something and is not going beyond the idea of getting to know that other person. I personally have met a lot of great people from twitter and have become good friends with some of them. If you look on my twitter page, I mostly chit chat with my followers back and forth and once in a while ill post my specials of the day. My followers know I run a deli, I don’t need to ask them to stop by but I do need/want to build a relationship with them. Twitter allows you to do so many great things, build relationships, make new friends, and get your name out there, all for free. It does take up a lot of your time to respond to everyone and read everyone’s blogs and tweets but at the end of the day twitter helps people reconnect with their communities.

So what I am trying to say is don’t sign up for twitter because you want to sell your product but let your product sell itself – and be yourself. One day in the near future twitter will be gone and there is going to be a new “twitter” – you will need to follow that same mentality which is connecting with our communities and caring about the people.

Twitter has definitely helped spread the word out about my deli, my food; and most importantly I have met a great number of people who are interested in doing some amazing big things in order to keep the community of the Lehigh Valley close to our hearts. If you would like to follow us on twitter please go to www.twitter.com/blackforestdeli


Donna Hosfeld said...

Nice post, girlfriend!

I agree 100% about the building relationships thing. Twitter is bringing us back to the "small town" feeling where everyone knows each other and refers others to "friends" within their community.

We do almost all of our biz by "word of mouth"...when we do a good job in protecting someone's personal things or their business, they are happy. They share that with friends and that's awesome!

Here's to a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year ahead for all!

(Lyle) LV Indoor Park said...

I likewise agree great Blog, I also have just started using twitter, and face book and got my start on Linked In while establishing my team for the Indoor Amusement Park Project. Once again i also agree with the statement that we cannot use the social media just to sell sell sell, we need to be interested in others not just us. Some business people try to use this media and all you see is them trying to sell. People can see through that so if you use this media, be really concerned about others that you meet along the way. If you take the advise above then you will see your business, and social life improve. I go to The Deli and I am treated like a customer, not a $$$.

Tammy said...


I really appreciate your blog post because it has helped me to understand the appeal of Twitter. I first came to visit your deli because of a personal recommendation from a friend but any subsequent visits were all about you, your food & your friendliness. Thanks for opening up my eyes about why you Twitter, I will certainly look at it differently in the future!

Looking forward to some amazing soup this week...Tammy!