Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tech Wednesday: Evernote

I think its safe to say that all of us are becoming increasingly busy and more dependent on the internet.  Thankfully, plenty of websites and Social Media has emerged to help us make more efficient use of our time.
One of those websites is Evernote

This website, like so many others, utilizes cloud computing - you store your information on its website and can retrieve it from anywhere on the internet.  It also recognizes the increasingimportance of information - and our decreasing ability to remember it all!  

Description:  Evernote bills itself as an organizer for the insanely busy people that so many of us have become.  It allows you to capture multiple forms of media, be it text, vdeo, websites, pdf files, etc.  You can then store that information on the Evernote website.  Once your information is stores on the website, you can organize it however you choose, then search when you are looking to retrieve it.  It has many other features and shortcuts, including one that allows you to put items from the internet into your Evernote account without ever even opening up a separate webpage. 

There are applications for Evernote on your iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Users and funding:   Evernote is a website on the rise.  At the end of 2009, Evernote announced that they had surpassed two million users.  A recent round of venture capital funding also raised Evernote $10 million - this is particularly impressive when combined with the fact that Evernote has a health business model that includes advertising and users who pay for a premium service.

Pricing:  Free for the basic service, though their are charges for a premium service, which includes better word recognition, no ads, and a larger per-month upload limit to your account.

Alright readers, what do you think?  Has this service made an improvement your your own organizational and productivity?


Healy Jones said...

Evernote is a great application for organizing digital thoughts and information. My company,, loves Evernote so much we integrated our service with theirs. Through Pixily, you can get your paper documents into Evernote and make all your physical paper documents text searchable! We have a free trial; please contact me if you have any questions.
Healy Jones
Head of Marketing,

Lauren said...


I'm Lauren from Springpad. Since I saw that you were posting about your experience using Evernote, I thought I'd let you know about Springpad ( which is similar to Evernote in that you can upload any notes or clip websites and access all your stuff online or on your phone. But, we take it a step further by putting all the info you store to work for you in our free apps. For example, you can save recipes from any website and then have them all neatly organized in your recipe box ( and then use our free meal planner app to create a dinner plan and a complete list of ingredients. You can also keep track of all your wine notes (, keep a list of restaurants you want to try ( or easily store all your travel plans like confirmation numbers, maps, places to go, etc ( You can also set alarms to send emails or text reminders. Other great apps include a budget tracker, a meeting notebook, a holiday gift planner, a date night planner, and other useful tools to help people get organized. Would love to get your feedback!