Monday, March 8, 2010

Corporate Citizens

This story came to us courtesy of Good and details a topic that we've heard quite a bit about recently, particularly in an era where executive compensation and bonus' are discussed on a frequent basis.  The story looks at corporate responsibility and citizenship from the reverse angle and details the top 100 corporate citizens.  According to the methodology, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, General Mills, IBM and Kimberly-Clark are the top five corporate citizens.  The score was calculated based on these seven categories: Environment, Climate Change, Human Rights, Philanthropy, Employee Relations, Financial Performance, and Governance.

This is very interesting and brings up some interesting questions.  More than half of all Chamber members are small businesses with under 10 employees, so the ability of these businesses to give back to the community obviously can't reach the same scale as the above corporations.  Instead, their give-backs come in other ways, through things like community donations and volunteerism. 

From a Chamber perspective, we give back to the community through The Chamber Foundation, which is dedicated to the revitalization of the urban cores of the Lehigh Valley.  How do you and your company give back to the community?

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