Monday, March 8, 2010

Daily Briefing, 3/8/2010

Good morning everyone!  We hope you had a good weekend.  Here is today's Daily Briefing.

Governor Rendell was in the Valley this weekend, stopping at Roosevelt Elementary School in Allentown to discuss his education plans for Pennsylvania.  You read a lot about anger towards government at a federal level, but it turns out that state legislative bodies are not immune either, with polls showing that support of state government is also hitting all-time lows.  The article cites Pennsylvania's legislature, where a mere 29% of voters approve of the legislature, down from an already low 42% in May. 

Business Matters airs today, featuring a show on the environment, climate change and what price you may be willing to pay to go green.  The show airs tonight at 8pm on WFMZ-TV.

That's it for now!  We'll be back later today.  Have a great day, and we'll see you later.

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