Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Social Media event: Social Media in the Workplace

We have another great Social Media event coming up, this one hosted by The Chamber's Small Business Council and the law firm of Tallman, Hudders and Sorrentino, the Pennsylvania Office of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A.  The event is entitled "The Water-Cooler Effect: How The Social Media Sensation Offers Businesses Risks and Rewards."  Check out the press release below for more-


Tallman, Hudders/Norris McLaughlin to Speak on Social Media in the Workplace at Small Business Council Meeting

Allentown, PA (March 12, 2010) – Tallman, Hudders & Sorrentino, the Pennsylvania office of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A., will host the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Council Meeting entitled, “The Water-Cooler Effect: How The Social Media Sensation Offers Businesses Risks and Rewards” on Friday, April 16, 2010, at the Fowler Southside Center of Northampton Community College.  There will be a panel of experts who will discuss the impact of online social networks on the workplace and the implications on hiring and firing.  Registration for this event will begin at 7:30 a.m.; the program will run from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 am.  There will be opportunities for participants to ask questions after the program.

“Online social networks (OSNs), such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, are the new frontier in the workplace. As more and more employees use OSNs to socialize and conduct business at work, their impact on the workplace is ever present and increasing,” explained David E. Cassidy, a Member of the New Jersey office Labor & Employment Group.

OSNs are changing how employers recruit and hire employees, interact with (and react to) employees, and address post-employment issues and challenges.  Often, OSNs create an environment of informality and a free-flow of unedited expression.  More alarmingly, they might be a harbor for criminal activity.  Former employees have used OSNs to damage their employer; and employers risk lawsuits for retaliation when OSNs are used to injure former employees.  Several high-profile cases have addressed OSNs in the workplace and, with an understanding of the law and the correct employment policies in place; employers can reduce their liability and increase productivity.

A panel of experts, including Fernando M. Pinguelo, a Member of the New Jersey office and Co-Chair of its Response to Electronic Discovery and Information Group, George C. Hlavac, Chair of the Pennsylvania office Labor & Employment Group, and Cassidy, will address social media and its impact on hiring, current employment, and post employment/retaliation issues.  The panel will outline appropriate steps you can take to help insulate your business from the legal consequences that flow from the use of online social networks in the workplace.

The Labor and Employment Department of Tallman Hudders & Sorrentino covers the entire spectrum of employer/employee relations.  With wide-reaching experience in virtually all aspects of labor and employment law, its attorneys represent clients in a variety of capacities—as advisors, negotiators, advocates, and litigators.  They have extensive litigation experience with respect to employment discrimination and harassment claims involving Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.  In this regard, they regularly represent clients before courts and administrative agencies at the state and federal levels.  They also have extensive experience defending wrongful termination claims and claims involving alleged violations of The Family and Medical Leave Act, The Equal Pay Act, The Fair Labor Standards Act, The Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Law, and The Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law.


Tallman, Hudders & Sorrentino, P.C., the Pennsylvania office of Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A., prides itself on its 35 very talented and tested attorneys and 11 paralegals that believe in dedication to client service, a commitment to each other and to community, and a personally fulfilling working environment.  Its attorneys know the value of working collaboratively, sharing ideas and information regarding new and emerging laws and legal trends, for the benefit of its clients.  The team approach to solving clients’ needs anticipates unexpected issues and creates positive outcomes. It also fosters cooperation between lawyers and clients that yields close attorney/client bonds not found at many other law firms. 

Over the past two years, in an effort to continue to deliver on the ideals of client service and personal fulfillment, the managing partners and others in Tallman, Hudders & Sorrentino have looked intently at the firm’s strategic direction. In response to the requests of many of its clients to deliver additional types of services to them, it merged with Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A., a full service law firm based in Bridgewater, New Jersey, with a significant presence in New York on June 1, 2009. 

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus brings to the combined firm more than 100 attorneys from diverse backgrounds, holding degrees from top U.S. law schools, who regularly serve as leaders in bar associations, various trade groups, and charitable organizations.  With 25 of its members listed in the 2010 edition of Best Lawyers and 23 selected as Super Lawyers for 2009, in addition to an active repertoire of speaking engagements and legal publications, attorneys at Norris McLaughlin & Marcus embody large-firm talent in a small-firm setting. This combination of legal talent and personable surroundings allows attorneys at Norris McLaughlin to provide service and value to their clients on an individual level.  It is the goal of Norris McLaughlin& Marcus to accommodate the needs of every client, who run the gamut, from Fortune 500 corporations to smaller publicly and privately held companies to start-up companies and individuals, through the use of experience, strategic planning and common courtesy.

Please visit us online at www.nmmlaw.com or www.thslaw.com for more information.

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Mark said...

Looks like I found out about this event after the fact. Still, as someone who works for a nonprofit that identifies and honors the top small workplaces across North America each year, I can tell you that education on this topic is sorely needed. Thanks for sharing.