Monday, March 29, 2010

What blogs do you read?

Thanks to Google Reader, I'm able to follow about 15 blogs and day and keep up with them relatively easily.  Most of the blogs I read are work related in some way.  Here's a list of what I read, but we want to hear from you.  What blogs do you read that help you keep on top of business, politics or your work life?
  • CrossroadsThe official blog of Renew Lehigh Valley - has some great story on regionalism, local planning and urban issues.
  • Mashable!This blog is the authority on Social Media.  Easily my favorite blog.
  • GOODPertains to a variety of issues, mostly on a world-wide scale.  Gets a little too theoretical/out there sometimes, but does have some very good infographs.
  • PlanetzeinGreat blog for stories related to urban planning.
  • pa2010Deals with the upcoming election on a state-wide level, but also touches on individual Congressional districts.  Very good way to keep up with the election.
  • Political WireAmazing blog for national political news.
  • Stateline.orgLocal & statewide political stories.  
  • LifehackerA blog on personal productivity.  If you are busy, read it.
  • MintLifePersonal finance tips.
How about you?  What do you read?  What am I missing?


Jon Geeting said...

Here are my faves:

Talking Points Memo - center-left leaning political and election news, but with real reporting.

Keystone Research Center blog - PA policy think tank

Five Thirty Eight - Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus' stat-heavy political analysis. Nate and co-bloggers are great at anchoring political debates to a quantitative facts, contrary to the freewheeling and often baseless speculation that drive so much political commentary.

Ezra Klein - highly readable policy analysis that has been extremely valuable for following the health care debate. Ezra is a practical liberal, but he never substitutes his views for rigorous analysis.

Washington Independent - news site noteworthy for its deep reporting.

Streetsblog DC - great advocacy journalism on livable communities and urban policy issues

Capital Gains and Games - multi-author blog on economics, including Bruce Bartlett and Stan Collender

Naked Capitalism - left-leaning economics/financial blog by Yves Smith

what's your Google Reader info?

Lehigh Valley Transplant said...

I'm with Jon - Google Reader is a simple way to keep up with the 147 blogs I monitor (!), without having to visit web sites individually.

Here are a few local bloggers I think are worth reading:
Cooking with Anne


Garden in Bethlehem PA

LV Eggplant

Seventh Street Now

The fork city

The Junk Drawer | Humor for the Masses

What's New in Old Allentown

What's Up in Downtown Easton

And a shameless plug for my own:
Lehigh Valley Transplant

Donna said...

Thanks for the info on google reader.