Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Put down shiny screens before you go to bed

Alright, so "shiny" was just a way of getting your attention.  "Bright" screens would be a better way of putting it, but none the less, the point is the same: before you go to bed, put down your iPhone or blackberry!

I'm offender #1 of this rule (Monopoly on my iPhone before I go to bed is one of my favorite pastimes), but apparently, it can help you sleep, according to this blog entry from Lifehacker.

According to research conducted, people who use electronic devices (like a laptop, iPhone, etc) before they go to bed feel less rested then people who get the same amount of sleep but don't use electronic devices.  This is because your brain is basically told to stay awake by the light from the screens.  There is more to it than that, but you should check out the story for more info.

So, with this knowledge, who else is going to try and actually put down their iPhone before they go to bed?  I know I...well, I'm gonna try...really....

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