Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tech Wednesday: Google Reader to track your blogs

If you are anything like me (and for your sake I hope you aren't, but that's a completely different story...), you read multiple different blogs a day.  There is certainly no shortage of interesting and useful blogs that are not only interesting and entertaining, but they can dramatically help with your professional development by keeping you aware of the latest trends and happenings of any particular industry.  However, visiting the website for multiple blogs a day can be inefficient and annoying.  Thankfully, there are many websites out there that serve as blog aggregators.  These websites serve as collection points for blogs that you want to read.  As a Google enthusiast, my aggregator of choice is Google Reader.

Summary:  By inputting a blog/websites address, you can check your reader to keep up to date on blogs you want to follow.  This enables you to monitor many blogs and webpages from one site.

Features and Benefits:
  • Track multiple blogs and E-mail them to others.
  • A "share" and "follow" feature.  You can share blog entries that you like to those who follow you.  You can also follow other users and see what entries they are sharing.  This is a Social Media component of Google Reader.  You can also comment on shared items.
  • Organize and customize the reader to however best suits your needs.
Pricing:  Totally free, although you are required to set up a Google account to access.  Google has many other features, so this is a great opportunity to check out what else it has to offer.

In an area where time is increasingly becoming your most valuable resource, Google Reader is a great way to keep up to date on all of your favorite websites while still saving massive amounts of time.

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