Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daily Briefing, 5/27/10

Good morning everyone!  Here is what we have for you today.

With employment still rebounding, there is at least one industry that is hiring people by the hundreds: casinos, specifically for table games.  In Lehigh County, the newly renovated Courthouse was officially dedicated in honor of National Guard and other military reservists.  At a commissioners meeting yesterday, Lehigh County Commissioners scratched a proposal to consider pay raises for three county-wide row offices.  In the Easton Area School District, the District has reversed itself and restored many of its previous extra-circular cuts, as well as two teaching positions.  In Catasaqua, the Catasauqua Area School District has approved a budget that does not raise taxes.

In state-wide news, Jonothan Saidel has conceded in the race for Lt. Governor, officially making State Representative John Scott Conklin the winner.  Saidel was down by about 4,000 votes and opted against a state-wide recount, saying he believed that he was too far back.

In national news, the "top kill" procedure to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is, thus far, going as planned.  Democrats announced yesterday that they would scale back benefits from a $190 billion jobs and economic relief bill yesterday, attempting to ensure that they could earn the passage of enough moderate votes.  There is bad news for the Small Business Administration, as it has officially run out of money for two of its loan programs.

That's it for now!  We'll be back later today.


Anonymous said...

It is State Rep. SCOTT Conklin. John Conklin is that lacky from NorCo.

Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce said...

Well, commentary aside, thanks for catching the mistake, it has been corrected.