Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning Call launches Valley Business Buzz

Hi everyone - the Call just launched a great new service that I wanted to share.  It's called the Valley Business Buzz.

In essence, it is a business news alert product.  It will provide information once a day, via E-mail, containing news and analysis about everything happening in the local, state and national business scene.  It actually seems very similiar to our Daily Briefing.  I asked Spencer Soper, one of the Call's reports, to describe Business Buzz.  Here's what he said:

And here’s my take:

The Valley Business Buzz features news about the Lehigh Valley business community, for the Lehigh Valley business community. During our trial phase last week, I spent mornings culling the day’s headlines while listening in at presentations regarding the local commercial real estate market and Just Born’s new Bethlehem Township shipping hub. So if your busy schedule prevents you from making a morning business event, The Buzz may be there. And we’ll send the take-aways right to your cell phone or e-mail box if you subscribe. This will also be a valuable tool for those looking to keep up on local networking and training opportunities, as well as hirings and promotions. We’re also looking for leads and feedback, so please share my contact info:

To register for it, click here.  To their credit, there are no registration forms to fill out - you can just register by allowing it to connect to one of six already existing services, including Google or Facebook.

This seems like a very cool product.  I'm looking forward to hearing more.

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