Friday, June 18, 2010

Guest Blog Post: Dealing with stress

We have another guest blog post, this one about stress reduction.  The entry comes from Bob Burns of We Have Choices.  Enjoy!
     My purpose in life at this point is to inform others that they too can have a decent life and that what they dwell on will most certainly happen. I've been without alcohol for almost 27 years, tobacco for 23 years, divorced twice, buried both parents as an only child and yet keep moving forward and it has to do with the knowledge I've gained through listening to certain audio programs, and not the news. I've have been fussy concerning with who I form an  association as far as friendships. It's been said that the two biggest influences in life are the books we read and the people we associate with.
     The favorite seminars and the most requested are as follows: "Self Esteem/Deserve Level" covering the age old things such as how much do you like yourself which determines just what you "feel" you deserve. "The power of Rapport" is an excellent workshop for those dealing with others such as Sales People, Teachers, Law enforcement, Parents, and generally everyone. In this workshop, you hear the information, see the information demonstrated and have the chance to physically use it on the other attendees. When you leave this workshop, you'll not see the world the same way you did when you walked in. This one runs approximately three hours plus. Another favorite is "Relationships". Whether it's dealing with a loved one, work, or any type of relationship, you will learn how to defuse any type of disagreement before it gets out of hand.
       The seminar on June 24th discusses what we do to ourselves when a situation comes about for example, it's not the event or happening that brings about stress but what we think or say to ourselves after learning of it. I will give many personal examples of both myself and some others to illustrate this point. Many times events are not what we think we are experiencing and what can really cause stress perhaps more so than an actual is our perception of it. You will be given upon your arrival one of the most powerful meditation CDs ever created (a $19.95 value). Stressful things do take place however it's what we do with them or think of them that creates stress in our lives. I know you will find this very rewarding as you take control of your life and feelings back.
      Robert Burns has been doing seminars and workshops for 20 years and has been successful in all phases. He's worked with many organizations nationwide such as Mary Kay Cosmetics, Shaklee, Equinox, Market America, New York Life to name a few and has been on more than one hundred fifty radio shows ranging from London England, Canada, and Nationwide discussing his books and CDs. Bob has an office in Bethlehem on 26 West Broad Street in the Atrium Building where he has a private practice as well as groups on Wednesday evenings for Past Life Regressions and Meditation groups.
     Bob is presenting a seminar on Thursday the 24th of June at the Hyatt Hotel located at 24 West  North Street at 7pm. The topic is "Dealing with Stress" and the attendees will be given strategies for dealing with stressful situations as well as a meditation CD valued at $19.95. The seminar will conclude at 9pm allowing time for individual questions and answers.

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