Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Briefing, 10/25/2010

Good morning everyone!  The weekend is over, and its back to work time.  Try and contain your excitement.  Anyway, here is today's Daily Briefing.

Lehigh University has been awarded a grant to ultimately help it increase the number of female faculty members in science, technology, engineering and math.  Former President Bill Clinton will be back in the Valley this Thursday, campaigning for John Callahan.  A rally was held in Northampton County by opponents of the plan to sell Gracedale, the county-owned nursing facility.  Supporters of keeping Gracedale in county hands will be seeking to place the sale of the home on the ballot in the 2011 primary election.

If you've been to the pump, you may have noticed: gas prices have increased by five cents over the past two weeks, bringing the national average to $2.82 per gallon.

Business Matters airs today, featuring a debate between State Representative Robert Freeman (D) and Ron Shegda (R) in the race for the 136th Legislative District.  The show airs at 8pm on WFMZ-TV.

That's it for now, so we leave you with this: little kids trying to make sense of viral videos.  Adults can't even figure it out, so this is just awesome.  Have a great Monday!

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