Monday, November 15, 2010

Daily Briefing, 11/15/2010

Good morning everyone!  Here is today's Daily Briefing.

The Allentown Art Museum will be closing its doors for the next ten months for extensive renovations.  In Bethlehem, a Peep Fest will once be held to celebrate the New Year.  In Allentown, the city faces a significant budgetary problem as its Risk Management fund has been drained over the past four years. There is good news for the city, however, as its police union ratified a union contract that will result in a savings of about $6.6 million over the next five years.  Good news for the Borough of Coopersburg, which is not expecting a tax increase this year.

In national news, freshman House of Representative members arrived in Washington for their freshman orientation.

We have one Chamber event today: a Grand Opening at Cooper Electric in Bethlehem.

Business Matters airs tonight (8pm on WFMZ), featuring a show on the "New Media" and the rise of the internet & blogging as a way to report the news.

That's it for now!  Have a great Monday, and we'll see you later.

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