Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Lehigh Valley look at the State Legislative Leadership

All four legislative caucuses have now held their leadership elections - here is a look at how things shook out:

Republican House (majority)

  • Speaker of the House:  Sam Smith (R-66, Jefferson County)
  • Majority Leader:  Mike Turazi (R-28, Allegheny County)
  • Majority Whip:  Stan Saylor (R-94, York County)
  • Caucus Chairman:  Sandra Major (R-111, Susquehanna, Wayne & Wyoming Counties) 
  • Policy Committee Chairman:  Dave Reed (R-62, Indiana County)
  • Caucus Administrator:  Dick Stevenson (R-8, Mercer & Butler Counties)
  • Caucus Secretary: Mike Vereb (R-150, Montgomery County)
  • Total Valley Representatives in Leadership:  0

Democratic House

  • Minority Leader:  Frank Dermody
  • Minority Whip:  Mike Hanna
  • Policy Committee Chairman:  Mike Sturla
  • Appropriations Chairman:  Joe Markosek
  • Caucus Chairman:  Dan Frankel
  • Caucus Secretary:  Jennifer Mann
  • Caucus Administrator:  Ron Buxton
  • Total Valley Representatives in Leadership:  1
Republican Senate
  • Majority Leader: Dominic Pileggi (R-9)
  • President Pro Tempore:  Joe Scarnati (R-25)
  • Caucus Administrator:  Pat Browne (R-16)
  • Policy Committee Chairman:  Ted Erickson (R-26)
  • Caucus Secretary:  Bob Robbins (R-50)
  • Caucus Chairman:  Mike Waugh (R-28)
  • Appropriations Committee Chairman:  Jake Corman (R-34)
  • Total Valley Representatives in Leadership:  1
Democratic Senate
  • Minority Leader:  Jay Costa
  • Minority Whip:  Mike O'Pake
  • Caucus Chairman:  Anthony Williams
  • Caucus Secretary:  Christine Tartaglione
  • Policy Committee Chairman:  Richard Kasunic
  • Caucus Administrator:  Lisa Boscola
  • Appropriations Committee Chairman:  Vince Hughes
  • Total Valley Representatives in Leadership:  1
So, in total, we have only three Valley elected officials in leadership, and only one is in a majority party.  Is this a good or bad number for us?

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Anonymous said...

3 out of 27, that is just over 10%, so I say that is good for the LV, esp. since Philly and Pitt are always getting everything.