Friday, January 7, 2011

Guest Blog Entry: The Hand is Mightier Than The Mouth

Hello everyone!  We have another guest blog post for you all - this one from Paula Young of Social Marketing Strategy 101.  Paula will be leading a Southern Lehigh Chamber of Commerce Webinar on using SEO to enhance your local presence on the internet.  The webinar itself will be on January 20 at 11:00am - to register, click on the link there or E-mail Marlyn Kissner at  Below is a preview of what she'll be talking about.  Enjoy!

The crazy world of internet marketing, advertising and relationship building has so many people confused and uncertain whether or not it’s too late to jump into this massive tidal wave that is Search Engine Ranking and Social Media Marketing that my opinion is, it’s never too late to boost your business’ reputation online, or any place for that matter.

Long gone are the water cooler days when company employees discussed tips and personal reviews of places they visited and businesses they would recommend. In fact, face-to-face recommendations are almost unheard of in today’s social arena. With applications like Facebook and Twitter (to name just two) social interactions aren’t really social at all. They are quite impersonal, but deliver much more of an impactful message much, much faster and longer lasting than the old-fashioned word-of-mouth comments or reviews.

Also long gone are the days when you visited a business, liked (or didn’t like) your experience, then you’d have to hurry home to call a friend to tell them about it. Now, you can just pop on your smartphone and can send your review instantly not only to your friend, but to your friend’s friends and even the entire world with a multitude of platforms that all link together with just one click. Scary isn’t it?

Social Media Marketing and the entire presence on the web is changing so drastically from day to day. If you think your computer is outdated in 3 years, so will some internet platforms! Twitter didn’t exist a few years ago and Facebook certainly wasn't as popular as it is today. In fact, Time Magazine just named Mark Zuckerberg their “Person of the Year 2010”. Really.

My Space used to be the social giant but was gobbled up by Facebook and Google might soon succumb to the same demise.

A very young and successful internet marketer who was recently featured on Nightline, used YouTube to take a tongue cleaning product viral with his humorous video campaigns. He came up with this idea while not paying attention in class while a student at BYU. Class was going on, but he was surfing the internet. He stated that “if you made a class about internet marketing, every semester the entire text would change”.

So, if your business is not on the internet, even in some small way, there is always time to catch the next wave! Just don’t be afraid of the water, take some lessons, and jump in!

Paula Di Marco Young
Social Marketing Strategy 101, LLC
176 Lilac Drive
Allentown, PA 18104
p: 215.262.1499
f: 610.530.9492

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