Friday, February 4, 2011

Daily Briefing, 2/4/2010

Good morning everyone!  Here is today's Daily Briefing.

In Northampton County, County Executive John Stoffa has selected TL Global as the firm that he would like to have buy Gracedale.  In Lehigh County, State Representative Doug Reichley has announced that he will run for Lehigh County Judge.  McCarthy joins attorney's Dan McCarthy (also a Lehigh County Commmissioner), Melissa Pavlack, John Ashley and Deputy District Attorney Renee Smith.

Senators Toomey and Casey have both accepted an invitation to watch the Super Bowl from the White House with President Obama.

More good economic news, as retail sales in January were surprisingly strong.  President Obama and Egyptian President Mubarak are in talks to have Mubarak resign immediately and transfer power to Vice President Omar Suleiman.  House Republicans are seeking $32 billion in cuts to the 2012 federal budget.

That's it for now!  Have a great day, and we'll see you later.


Anonymous said...

I realize not everyone likes the fact the Obama won the election, but he is no longer "Senator Obama" but in fact "President Obama".

Might want to copy edit a little closer next time.

Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce said...

LOL, whoops, you caught me. Change noted. This is what I get for writing a blog entry before I have my coffee. :)