Monday, February 21, 2011

Mack Trucks on Undercover Boss

You might have heard of the show Undercover Boss on CBS.  The premise is pretty clever: the CEO of a company goes "undercover" as a low-level employee within his own company.

Some good news for the Valley:  Mack Truck's CEO Denny Slagle appeared on the program yesterday.  He appears as an assembly line worker at three Mack Truck plants, including the Lower Macungie plant.  It did not always go smoothly for Slagle!

Congrats to Slage and Mack Trucks for the great exposure.

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Jamie Flinchbaugh said...

That's great that there is a little promotion for this well-known yet often under-appreciated company from the Lehigh Valley.

I do think it's important that people not learn too much from the show Undercover Boss though. It's a good entertainment, but not necessarily good management practice. Here's some of what I mean: