Friday, March 11, 2011

Guest Blog Post: Tips on Hiring a Contractor

We have a very useful Guest Blog Post today, courtesy of Tony Sorrentino of S&G Asphalt Service.  There are some really practical steps in here for making sure you select a high quality, high reputation contractor for any sort of work that you do.


When you decide to hire a contractor, You are making a major purchase. When committing to making such a major decision you want to insure yourself that the product you are going to invest your money in is a product
that is produced and purchased from a stable and good standing company. This should be a company that is easy to reach and easy to find. For example, if you were interested in purchasing a new 60” flat screen television wouldn't you be more confident going to a Best Buy or Sears and deal with a company
that you know will be there if a problem arises with your purchase? You would know where to find them if you need to turn to them for help. Or would you rather purchase that television from a guy in a white van , who just ran up to your car and knocked on the window and said “ Hey I got an extra television in the van here that was over ordered, you wanna buy it? It’s cheap but I can only take cash! But no worries, I am a legitimate guy, you can trust me.”(this actually happened to me ). Of course I told this fly by night to hit the
road. So how are you able to check the creditability of a contractor you are interested in doing business with? For your benefit, I have compiled a list of actions you can take before you hire a contractor. Whether you choose to use these ideas or not is completely up to you.

1. Before you sign an agreement or give a deposit to any contractor, go visit their place of business and do a site visit. Their company address should be prominently displayed on the proposal / quote, business cards, in the phone book or on the internet. If you feel comfortable with your site visit and you are satisfied with the price quote offered to you then that could be a contractor you may want to do business with.

2. Contractors are required to have their PA License number on all contracts. Make sure you have the contractor’s license number. This number is proof that the contractor at least has liability insurance and that they are registered with the State of PA . Should a major problem arise with your contractor you can contact the Attorney General Office at

3. You can check out the credibility of local contractors by contacting the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. You contact the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce at or call them at 610-437-9661. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau at or call
them at 215-893-9235.

4. Make sure contractors make you aware of any permits that may be needed prior to the start of your job.

5. If you feel the need you can do a criminal background check on the individual owner, to insure that he is not being sued in court for faulty work or if there are any other offences you may find worrisome. Remember the contractor you hire will be in or at your home.

6. I hope you find this list helpful. Good luck to you and may you and the best contractor win.

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