Friday, March 18, 2011

Text message marketing

The other day, I was talking with Barry Diehl of Your Neighborhood Dry Cleaner.  Barry runs a dry cleaning service that picks up/drops off dry cleaning from someone's home or office.  He would send out text message reminders to people when their dry cleaning was ready, but he had to keep track of the times/customers and send the text messages out himself from his phone - a difficult proposition for any small business service!

The idea to use texting for marketing purposes is a solid one.  E-mail use is falling among younger generations, who are relying increasingly on texting.  Automating and managing it, however, can be hard.  There are no shortage of services that can be used for sending group text messages - most are paid at this point, though the fees are not astronomical.

These types of services tend to be opt-in, meaning that your users/marketing base opt-in to receive texts and determine what type of texts they want to receive (reminders, advertising, sales, etc).  The potential of texting is relatively unlimited, particularly as smart phone use continues to increase and new features are added to group messaging features, like photo, video, etc.  Indeed, there are a variety of different uses:  sending appointment or RSVP reminders, combining with location-based services to send out discounts/coupons when you are nearby, trying to get rid of distressed inventory, etc.

That next question comes to you:  How do you use text-message marketing, or how would you use it?

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