Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why do I need a tablet?

The latest in mobile computing technology are products like the tablet.  The iPad is probably the best known of these tablets (particularly with the iPad 2 coming out tomorrow), but there are plenty of others that run on different systems, including the HP Slate, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy.

Tablet sales have been skyrocketing of late, and recent surveys show that that more and more people are now buying tablets instead of PCs.  Indeed, it seems highly probably that tablet sales will, in the very near future, eclipse PC sales as the dominate method of computing.

But here is the question now:  I already have a laptop.  I'm good on the go.  WHY do I need a tablet?  Its a question that I have been struggling with as well.  If you already have a laptop, why do you need to get a tablet, particularly since they are still less powerful and lack some of the convenience that come with laptops or desktops (lack of a USB port being the biggest).

So, what is so great about a tablet?  Here are a few thoughts:

  • It doesn't get much more convenient than this:  Yes, laptops are portable by their nature...but with a tablet, you can literally carry much of the computing power you need in two fingers.  They are ultra light (barely a pound, if that) and can be used in the office, home, car (not while driving!).  Most models are connected to a mobile network - so you can have the internet whenever you want it.
  • It's customizable:  In the old days, anytime you wanted a new program for your computer, you had to go out and drop $50 for the latest word processing program.  Of course, that is still true to some extent, but the Apps available on every device mean you can do almost anything you want with your Tablet.  "There's an App for that" is an amazing slogan that is frighteningly accurate.  There are Apps for almost everything these days - its just a matter of changing your mindset to always be on the lookout for new ways of customizing this powerful device. 
  • Reading:  Electronic reading and eBooks have become a very popular form of consuming information - devices like tablets, the Kindle and Nook are reflections of these trends.  Indeed, eReading played a role in Borders recent deceleration of bankruptcy.  Newspapers, magazines, journals and all sorts of books are now available on tablet devices - so, if you are into this trend, you can combine reading and computing.  
  • Productivity:  It's much easier to be productive with a tablet.  You can check your E-mail, take notes in meetings, use it as a second computer monitor or for a slew of tasks.  In this day and age, more is being asked of the average businessperson than every before - and a tablet device can help you get there.
Why did you buy your tablet?  Or, why haven't you yet?

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samsung tablet said...

I agree that iPad is one of the best selling tablets, however after iPad it is only Samsung's galaxy tab , which is giving tough competition to iPad. Motorola and HP are in line next to galaxy.