Monday, April 25, 2011

Five tips for an effective E-mail signature

If you are working at a job that requires E-mail usage at all, you are probably painfully familiar with an E-mail signature.  That little block of text can be exceptionally helpful to those who you connect with digitally - or, conversely, can make you look like an unprofessional buffoon if done poorly.  How do you make sure that your E-mail signature is best reflective of your professional skills?  Here are five tips:

1.  Standardize:  Regardless of if you have a company of two or 100, make sure that all employees use the same format for their E-mail signatures.  Doing so helps create a consistent image an can make life much easier for those who get E-mails from you or your company members.

2.  Don't overdo it:  Nothing is more annoying than a signature that is crammed with too much information.  Don't put in quotes or marketing figures - just stick with your contact information.

3.  Don't forget your Social Media info:  Standard contact information (phone, address, website) is a given in a signature.  But, don't forget to include links to your Social Media sites, particularly if Social Media is a big part of your overall marketing efforts.

4.  Don't forget your smartphone:  By default, if you use a smart-phone, it will have a signature at the end of all E-mails that read, "Sent from my iPhone" or something along those lines.  That's important (particularly if you are prone to spelling errors when writing from a phone - people tend to give you a little more slack).  However, if you use your phone frequently, it may not be a bad idea to create a more in-depth signature.

5.  Long signatures - once per thread:  Microsoft Outlook allows you to utilize different signatures when replying to an E-mail than when you are first creating one.  As such, try to only use your long signature once per E-mail thread - otherwise, the information gets repetitive and annoying.

What do you think - do these make sense?  What tips would you add?  Let us know in the comments!


Amanda said...

Completely agree with these! Great tips. I wrote a blog post on email signatures here
All the advice sounds so simple but it's very important!

Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce said...

Thanks Amanda! You guys run a great blog. I've found that much of the advice we give here is "simple" but overlooked by so many.

Anonymous said...


Natalia said...

Great tips. All the points are really good and will help to design an effective email signature. I will do remember all these points when designing one for myself.
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