Monday, August 29, 2011

Daily Briefing, 8/29/2011

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the "We actually have electricity" version of today's Daily Briefing!

Of course, the top story of the day (and really the only story) is Hurricane Irene, which hit late Saturday into Sunday. As of Sunday night, more than 48,000 in the Valley were still without power (your resident blogger got power back at 3am).  Flooding was widespread and many roads were closed.  In Allentown, the hurricane caused two water main breaks, causing the city to ask residents to conserve water.  In Easton, the Delaware River has risen above its flood stage and is expected to flood similar higher than it has since 2004.  The costs of the cleanup will likely be mitigated by federal disaster relief.  In total, the hurricane is responsible for at least 20 deaths and likely over $1 billion in damage.

That is it for now - I hope everyone continues to drive slowly and careful, considering what a mess the roads will likely be today.  Stay safe out there!

And, of course, enjoy this hurricane music:

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