Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake...earthquake? Really?

On the list of topics I ever thought I would write in this blog about, this ranks really really low!

If you were in the Valley (or, really, anywhere on the East Coast yesterday), you probably felt the 5.8 earthquake that epicentered in central Virginia yesterday.  The quake was a real rarity in the Valley and a first for many of us (myself certainly included).  Those of us in our Bethlehem office weren't even sure if it was truly an earthquake or just something specific to our building (a quick look at Twitter and Facebook confirmed that it was something much larger); interestingly enough, our Easton office didn't feel anything.

Thankfully, it appears that there were no real injuries or damages in the immediate aftermath, but here's a quick look at earthquake-related news.

Here's to hoping that was a once in a lifetime experience!

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