Friday, September 23, 2011

Identity Theft and You

Earlier today and in conjunction with our friends and partners at the City of Allentown and Wells Fargo, The Chamber held a seminar on identity theft.  The seminar was very useful and came with some great tips on how a business person (and really, anyone) can protect themselves.  Here is some of the information:

  • Monitor your credit score:  Many individuals are the victims of identity theft and don't even know it.  By registering for a site such as Annual Credit Report, you can get free access to your credit report, from all three agencies, once a year.  It's good to monitor your report and see if there are any negative marks on your credit file.
  • Lock down your identity:  There are numerous services out there, such as Wells Fargo's Identity Theft Protection and LifeLock, that can help protect you against identity theft and show you how to get your life back on track if your identity is stolen.  These services are relatively inexpensive - especially when compared to the price of being a victim of identity theft!
  • Shred your mail:  Your mail comes with plenty of free credit card offers that can easily be stolen via dumpster diving.  When you get a credit card/check offer, make sure to shred it before throwing it out.
  • Don't leave checks or other payments in your mailbox:  It's easy for checks/credit card payments to get stolen if you leave them in your mailbox.  Drive them to the post office or make an electronic payment.
  • Don't carry around important documents: Your checkbook, Social Security Card, etc., should be locked in a safe at home - not in your wallet!
  • Watch over your shoulder: A pretty popular method of identity theft is by people looking over your shoulder and recording the information - then hacking your accounts later on.  Beware of who is watching you when you are entering sensitive information.  
What other tips do you have?


Fatima said...
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Fatima said...

No one is allowed to steal other company's identity or name, I think he made a right decision organizing a seminar and clarified every thing.

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