Thursday, September 8, 2011

Job Openings

We have two job openings to share with you today.  As always, if you are a Chamber member and wish to advertise a job opening, just E-mail me at

Job Title/Position: Physical Therapist

Reports To: Clinical Supervisor


The physical therapist contracted or employed through the Organization is responsible for providing physical therapy services and for adherence to all conditions outlined in the Personnel Services Agreement.



1. Provides physical therapy services to patients according to a written physician's plan of care.  This may include, but will not be limited to:

A. Assessing and evaluating therapeutic/rehabilitative/functional status, and participation in the development of the total plan of care.  Evaluates home environment.

B. Assesses for muscle strength, mobility, gait, ROM—potential for rehab.

C. Directing physical therapy treatment.

D. Instructing patients and families/caregivers in the use and care of therapeutic appliances.

E. Determining priority needs for physical therapy

F. Reporting to physician patient’s reaction to treatment or changes in condition.

2. Initiates physical therapy program and instructs other personnel and/or family/caregiver members in certain phases of physical therapy with which they may work with a patient, as well as instructing them as to the goals of the physical therapy program for the patient by participating in case conferences.

3. May train patient in the use of prosthetic device.

4. Identifies patient and family/caregiver needs for other home health services and refers
as necessary.

5. Prepares and submits clinical and progress summaries based on the attainment of goals.

6. Participates in discharge planning for patient.

7. Prepares and submits a clinical progress summary based on the attainment of goals directed by Organization policy.

8. Provides physical therapy consultation to home families/caregivers when indicated.

9. Provides inservice education programs for nursing organization personnel as needed.

10. Participates in peer consultation process.

11. Management experience not required.  Responsible for supervising physical therapy aides.

Additional Duties

1. Ensures that arrangements for equipment and other necessary items and services are available.

2. Instructs, supervises and evaluates physical therapy aide care provided every fourteen days.

The above statements are intended to be a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job.  The incumbents may be requested to perform job related tasks other than those stated in this description.


1. Licensed to practice as physical therapist within the State.

2. Community/home health experience is preferred.

3. Demonstrates good verbal and written communication and organization skills.

4. Possesses and maintains current CPR certification.

Job Title/Position: Quality Assurance Manager

Reports To: Administrator


The Quality Assurance Manager is a professional, Registered nurse responsible for all of the quality activities of the organization.  The Quality Assurance Manager has accountabilities for the monitoring, implementation and evaluation of process and programs to meet regulatory, accreditation and standards of practice.


1. Responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the organization’s quality improvement program.

A. Ensures that there are processes in place to monitor and measure all activities related to performance improvement.

B. Provides direction and coordination of quality improvement activities utilizing continuous quality improvement principles and methodologies.

C. Coordinates activities related to clinical record review for data collection.

D. Compiles, trends and reports quality data in the following areas: patient care, safety, risk management, infection control, outcomes, and customer satisfaction.

E. Works collaboratively with nursing supervisors to assure documentation is complete and consistent with care and reflects legal requirements.

F. Member of the Patient Grievance Committee collaborates with management personnel in follow-up of concerns expressed by patients, families, and physicians.

G. Establishes a process model for improvement and provides education and training to organization personnel on the performance improvement plan, as well as team development.

2. Responsible for ensuring processes to monitor and evaluate safety, risk management and infection control programs.

A. Coordinates, educates and implements monitoring activities for safety, risk management, and infection control.

B. Coordinates mandatory inservice programs on OSHA regulations for safety and infection control.

Job Title/Position:  Quality Assurance Manager

C. Acts as resource to personnel in identifying safety and risk management issues for patients and personnel.

D. Reviews all incident reports for completeness, risk, standard of care determination and appropriate follow-up.  Maintains a log for trending and makes recommendations related to trends identified.

E. Maintains current knowledge related to home care safety and infection control standards.

3. Collaborates with nursing supervisors to provide a process to promote and ensure employee orientation, competency and inservice education programs.

A. Assists in the identification of skills for annual competence and provides inservice training support.

B. Maintains aggregate records of employee orientation and annual competency requirements as part of the PI plan.

4. Monitor organization compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards.

A. Maintains current knowledge related to Medicare Conditions of Participation and the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) standards to ensure that the organization is compliant with state, federal and accreditation guidelines.

B. Responsible for ensuring policies and procedures reflect all related local, state, federal and CHAP standards and makes recommendation for policy changes to the governing board.

C. Acts as a resource to clinical supervisors regarding standards, policies, regulations and provides inservice training to leadership and personnel as needed in these areas.

5. Acts as a clinical resource to personnel.

A. Maintains updated nursing knowledge and skills.

B. Assists with patient visits as needed.

C. Assists with administrative call on a rotational basis and clinical call as needed.

6. Provides assistance to community education team in meeting community education needs.

A. Makes public speaking engagements as scheduled by the community education team.

B. Maintain positive relationships with referral sources.

Job Title/Position:  Quality Assurance Manager

C. Maintain positive image in the community.

D. Acts as representative of the organization at community meetings, civic and professional organizations as needed.

7. Promote self-growth and collegial relationships with others in the home care industry.

A. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal and professional networks and participates in professional organizations or societies.

The above statements are only meant to be a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job.  The incumbents may be requested to perform job related tasks other than those stated in this description.


1. Registered nurse with current licensure to practice professional nursing in the State.

2. Associates degree in Nursing

3. Three to five year's clinical nursing experience.  (An emphasis in home care nursing is preferred).

4. Excellent understanding of performance improvement, quality assurance, and
utilization management.

5. Is self-directed and able to work with minimal supervision.

6. Has excellent coordination and communication skills.

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