Thursday, September 1, 2011

PPL Utilities Launching New Small Business Service

A great opportunity from our friends at PPL.

For the month of September, representatives of PPL Electric Utilities’ E-power program will be knocking on the doors of Allentown small businesses to introduce its new Direct Discount service. This service greatly discounts the cost of installing energy-efficient lighting and commercial refrigeration measures for the small business community.  

Businesses who participate in the Direct Discount service could save up to 75% on the total cost of qualifying projects*. And the energy saved will typically pay back the investment in less than a year. After that, the energy savings go right to the bottom-line. Better yet, the business doesn’t have to fill out any of the paperwork. 

Direct Discount service is being offered to small business customers in PPL Electric Utilities’ GS1 and GS3 rate classes that use less than 400,000 kWh a year. 

PPL Electric Utilities is launching this new service at 11 a.m. on September 7th, at the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center, 905 Harrison Street, Allentown.  Participating speakers at the launch event will be: 
o Mayor Ed Pawlowski
o Tom Stathos, Director, Customer Programs and Services, PPL
o Scott Unger, Allentown Economic Development Corporation
o Tom Kerr, Allentown Energy Conservation Loan Fund
This is a very attractive offer and funds are limited. PPL Electric Utilities has never offered a more cost-effective way for small businesses to get on the path to long-term energy savings, so act now. 

Look for a letter from PPL Electric Utilities in the mail. For more information, call the E-power Solutions team at 1-866-432-5501.

* Incentive percentages, actual monetary savings and payback periods will vary depending on several factors including equipment installed, energy saved, customer operation and age of existing equipment. Offer subject to change without notice and limited to PPL Electric Utilities small business customers. Some restrictions apply. Rebates not to exceed purchase price. Complete eligibility requirements are available at 

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