Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Practices: Using Twitter Hashtags for events

Our Annual Meeting is coming up - this is our biggest event of the year, usually attended by over 1,000 people and advertised to thousands more.  As is standard best practice for major events, we'll be using a Twitter hashtag at the event - anyone Tweeting there should use #ChamberAM to refer to it.  We're looking forward not only to the event, but all the Twitter conversation it will generate.

This got me thinking about using Hashtags for major events or happenings.  They are essentially required at all major events these days, regardless of if an event is in a unified location (for an example, check out #ows for a look at the Occupy Wall Street protests).  A while ago, we discussed some best practices for Twitter usage - and here are some thoughts on the best way to use Twitter Hashtags for events.

  1. Create a short, memorable Twitter Hashtag ahead of time – and promote with all event materials.  This is crucial to start to build momentum.
  2. Announce the Hashtag at the event.  Have it on all event-related materials at the event as well.
  3. Have a designated person tweet during the entire event.  Multiple people tweeting can get confusing and uncoordinated.
  4. Provide customer service & answer questions throughout the event.
  5. Hold a contest – and require that people use the hashtag.  This is a great way to generate awareness about your event, and to gain more followers.
  6. Summarize the tweets afterwards.  We've done blog entries with tweets before, and I think this is a great way to summarize the event for those who weren't in attendance.  

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