Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daily Briefing, 10/6/2011

Good morning everyone!  Here is today's Daily Briefing.

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin has said that he will appeal a ruling that gave the Mayor of Macungie access to certain police records.  In Allentown, a major natural gas leak forced an evacuation of a city block.  In Lehigh County, County Executive Cunningham's budget stands as proposed for now, with an effort to cut more from his budget failing in a vote yesterday.

In state-wide news, the state's highest ranking gaming regulator told a State House committee yesterday that he believes that the gaming board's Bureau of Investigations & Enforcement should report to the Attorney General's office.

In national news, the major story of the day is the death of Steve Jobs, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56.  Jobs founded Apple and helped to bring countless innovative products to the world. In other news, Sarah Palin announced yesterday that she will not seek the Republican nomination for President.   Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said that he will not accept his party's Vice Presidential nomination if it is offered to him.  Nevada moved its caucus date to January 14, likely bumping up the dates of the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primary.

We have two Chamber events today, and both are free mixers: a mixer at the Shoppes at 3900 on Hamilton Blvd. and one at Pistachio's in Allentown.

That's it for now.  We leave you the only way we can today - a great light has gone out of the world.  Steve Jobs changed the face of this planet forever and his death should be mourned by us all.  Here's to you, Mr. Jobs, and thank you for everything.

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