Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daily Briefing, 11/15/2011

Good morning everyone!  Here is today's Daily Briefing.

In a court ruling issued yesterday, Judge Michelle Varricchio ruled that Macungie Mayor Rick Hoffman can continue to have access to police records.

In state-wide news, in an interview on NBC yesterday, former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky claimed innocence in the child molestation charges brought up against him.  Governor Corbett signed into law legislation that is designed to prevent students who may have a concussion from playing again until they receive medical clearance 

In national news, the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday announced that it would hear a challenge to President Obama's health care reform law.  In New York, police have cleared out Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park to clean it; officials say protesters will be allowed back in once the park has been cleaned.  Oil prices have jumped 20% in the past six weeks.

We have one Chamber event today: a Grand Opening of a new ESSA Bank branch in Bethlehem.

And that's it for now!  Have a good one and we'll be back later.

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