Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to show your screen

Last week, I ran a presentation in which I recorded my screen in order to show you the new Facebook Timelines.  This brought a lot of questions, namely: how did you do that?

Below are four great (and free!) tools that you can use to record your screen and make a presentation:

1.  Screenr: Screenr is what I actually used for the presentation.  It's greatness is in its simplicity - barely any clicks and you can be recording a presentation.  A couple more and you can upload a presentation to YouTube or share it on Facebook/Twitter.

2.  Webinar software:  Using a webinar client like GoToMeeting or WebEx can allow you to show your screen and present it, live, to a group of people who are attending your presentation.  Whereas Screenr is great for its simplicity, this software is ideal for its complexity--you can use pointers, highlighters, etc. to really focus on whatever you choose.  The one downside: you have to pay, and sometimes the price can be expensive.

3.  Skype:  Skype can be used to share your screen, to one person, for free.  To show your screen to more than one person, however, requires payment.

4.  Livestream:  Like Skype, you can use Livestream to show your screen to whoever is attending your presentation.  The difference here is that you can show the screen to a group of people.

What did we miss?  Let us know in the comments!

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