Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Chamber on Redistricting

We've made a couple of previous blog entries, outlining the new State House & Senate districts in Lehigh & Northampton counties.  However, as has been made public recently, the Congressional redistricting maps have been released - and it brings terrible news for the Valley.

We will no longer be represented by one Congressman, but instead two: Charlie Dent and Tim Holden.  Easton, parts of Bethlehem and more than 20 Northampton municipalities are no longer in the 15th Congressional District.  The plan itself was approved by the State Senate yesterday by a 26-24 vote.

The Chamber opposes this plan.   From Michelle Griffin-Young, our Executive VP of Government & External Affairs:

"Our 5,000 members --employing 140,000 individuals-- are committed to the Lehigh Valley as a unified constituency.  The Chamber’s regionalization efforts have proven successful to our members time and time again.  Breaking up the Valley with two different Congressmen will be a detriment to the continuation of our region’s growth and prosperity.  We urge the House & Senate to work together as the Lehigh Valley delegation to replace Easton and the large portion of central and northeastern Northampton County back into the 15th District to keep our Valley strong!"

The legislation must still be approved by the House and signed into law by the Governor.  We urge our members - and every Lehigh Valley resident - to contact their Representative and tell them to oppose this plan.

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