Monday, December 5, 2011

How to promote your Facebook page

I was chatting with a friend the other day about how awesome Facebook is (yes, I realize how corny that sounds, and yes, I actually have these conversations in real life) when he mentioned his dilemma to me.  He had just started a business page on Facebook and was happy to finally get around to it...but, he wasn't sure how to promote it to the masses.  After all, what good is a business page if you cannot get anyone to actually like it?

Fair point.  How do you get someone to discover your Facebook page?  Here are five easy ways:

1)  Your Website:  If you have Social Media, you need to link to it on your website.  Fortunately, there are plenty of different ways to do so: something as simple as a hyperlink that leads to your Facebook page, a logo that says "Find me on Facebook" or a Facebook widget that shows viewers a snapshot of your page.

2)  Google:  Google loves Social Media.  Need proof?  Type in "Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce" in Google, and four of the top ten results are links to Social Media.  How do you make your Facebook profile Google friendly?  Fill out every field - including address, description (make sure to laden it with words that are SEO-friendly to your business), phone number, the works.  From there, update constantly. Google loves fresh, interesting content.

3)  Your business card:  Check out the back of Chamber business card:

On the back of all of our business cards, we have links to our Social Media.  We also have a QR code that leads to our webpage, but that's a whole other blog survey.

4)  Your E-mail signature:  This is what my E-mail signature looks like:

Mike Schlossberg
Vice President, Member Relations & Applied Technology
Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce
Bethlehem Office
561 Main Street, Suite 200
Bethlehem, PA 18018
Phone:  484-809-1796
Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce
Fax:  610-758-9533

Follow the Chamber on: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, The Chamber's Blog

Yup - we link to our Social Media in every E-mail that we send.  And why not?  Think about how many E-mails you send a day.  This is an easy one!

5)  A big old E-mail blast:  Like most businesses, you probably have a collection of E-mails or some sort of e-Newsletter.  Make sure to E-mail the entire list and let them know where to find you.  From there, make sure to include links to your Social Media presence in every E-mail.

6)  Your own network:  If you are the administrator of a page, you can "suggest" that others like your page from your personal profile.  Some people aren't comfortable with bridging their personal & professional lives like this, and that makes sense, but this is a pretty easy way to instantly get likes.

Any tips to share with us?  Let us know in the comments!


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