Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Chamber has taken another public policy position - and we're pretty confident that this is one that everyone in the Valley can pretty much get behind.

There are currently two full-times Federal judges serving the Lehigh Valley area - but there should be three.  As a result, clients who are in federal court, as well as their attorneys, must travel to Philadelphia, wasting much time, energy and money that could be spent here, in the Valley.  The lack of a third judge is a disservice to the Valley.

As a result, Tony Iannelli, our President & CEO, as well as Dan Labert, Executive Director of the Lehigh County Bar Association, sent the letter below to Senators Casey (D), Toomey (R) and President Obama.  The lack of a third judge hinders our legal system and does not favors to justice or the legal process.  A third federal judge could also result in a reopened facility in Easton.

Check out the letter below for more info:

Federal Judge Letter - Senator Toomey

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